Monday, April 23, 2012

The Latest DNA Results are In

The Latest DNA Results are In

Good morning, Readers,

Last night I found that my 'Family Finder' DNA test had been completed and the results had been posted on my page.

A little nervous and apprehensive, I went to my page and started to look through the results. And the good news is ... there is no bad news. The other news is there are no surprises.

A-hem, drum roll please ... "In the category of 'percentage of heritage' we have only 2 contestants (OK, maybe this was a little bit of a surprise - I really expected more variation) ... and the count is ... 97% Western European and 3% Native American."
And the crowd goes … "What the...?"

These 2 populations are the two I most expected to see, although, I was a little concerned about the Native American percentage but it was expected. The ancestors that are not accounted for are the Germans and the French.  Now, this test only goes back to the 5th and 6th generations and these other European lines may not come into the family until after that, but I thought they were a little closer. I'll have to go back and check my Gedcom file (family tree) and look at that.

Anyway, my brothers and cousins, there you have it - 97% Western European and only 3% Native American. So much for applying for those Federal grants for NA status. Oh, well, I know some of you are disappointed.

This does, however, confirm most of my research that shows our family coming from England, Ireland and Scotland and, of course, the Indian blood that we were told we had. 

Concerning that - I came across a very interesting website while researching for another project: An entire Green family of Chickamauga Cherokee - very interesting - you can check that out here - .

"Now for something completely different..." (thank you, Monty Python).
We know that there was a lot of controversy around several 'facts' about the Sizemore family and none more than the Black (Caribbean Indian) and the possible Jewish people in some of the lines in that family.
In my last project 'My Native American Connection', I mentioned a character which I had read in at least two other researcher's papers. This was an "indentured servant". This (Portuguese-Jewish) slave is said to have been listed in the colony of Jamestown with the name Sizemore.
For whatever reason, at the time I did not give the source of that information as it was ( I thought at the time ) just a passing bit of information that had very little to do with my main subject. 
However, I was reminded that even though this blog is for the edification and education of my family, that there are people who are reading this as part of the research they are doing for their families. One of these people was very upset and wants the proof of that statement.
I have found evidence of the flight of the Jews from parts of Europe during and after the Spanish Inquisition and at least two people named Sizemore in the early history of Barbados and Portuguese (Jewish) slaves being brought to Barbados. The possibility that a rich landowner could have taken (bought) one or more of these slaves and brought them to the young British colonies is certainly not out of the question.
However I have yet to lay my hands (or eyes) on ‘the list’ from Jamestown on which this person was listed or the one that one Sizemore was listed as, or should I say, indicated that he was a ...  dark-skinned man. These are said to exist as some researchers have quoted them – I just haven’t found them yet. And as we have said ‘Always do your own research’ because you can’t trust everything you read.
Coming next – “Proof of the ‘Portuguese-Jewish Sizemore of Jamestown”

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  1. David interesting, my grandmother was a Sizemore and family story was we were Jewish, and Native American "Cherokee." However no specific proof of either has been found to verify that; that I am aware of. Although my DNA test tends to confirm the story. However I read about the Jews during the Spanish Inquisition; "sad story." According to Pastor John Heggie's book The Four Blood Moons getting rid of the Jewish population in Spain is what the inquisition was about. However, assuming that all slaves were black is not necessarily accurate although we do know that several slaves took on the Sizemore name. During the early 1700s in America most slaves were white not black, also Many of the Spanish Jews were made slaves. The first Sizemores I have found in American History are William and Martha they are listed among a group of survivors of the 1622 Indian massacre in Virginia, I believe, William being one of two or three men who survived. I don't know if William and Martha were married. some say yes others say no. Anyway thanks for the info....