Monday, March 5, 2012

The Results are in!

Good morning, dear readers,
The results from my Y-DNA67 test have been posted. I am sorry to say that this is just another beginning. I had hoped that these results would be an ending - an answer - would somehow just lay out a spreadsheet of my paternal lineage. But, alas, no. 
So, here is the good news...I have a copy of my 'standard Y-STR Values' and since I tested 67 of the possible 111 available now, I have 67 numbers that I can compare to thousands of other peoples numbers.

The catch is that I can only compare with people who have been tested and posted their results and shared, at least, some of their family research. True enough, Family Tree DNA is the largest database of it's kind in the world and I can and will go into other similar databases to see what I find there. So the search begins or should I say, it continues?

What I do know is this: I, my brothers and cousins belong to the major group (called Haplogroups)  "R"  - specifically - R1b1a2-M269 which is, of course, the largest, most popular group in Western Europe. So there are only MILLIONs of people we are related to in that part of the world and we all share what is known as a "Most Recent Common Ancestor"  who lived only some brief 30,000 years ago! Which is cool if your interested in pre-historic ancestry. I am a little more concerned with the last 3 or 4 centuries - and I thought that was a big deal.

So, I have joined a few "surname groups" with names that appear in my fathers family tree. These include; Green(e), Cook(e), Adkins, Rose, Stewart (Stuart) and Sizemore. 
This search has revealed no surprises. We are related to a lot of people whose ancestors are from England, Ireland, Scotland and a few in France and Germany. Again, no big revelations here. 
As my results have just been posted, I expect to contact and be contacted by distant cousins who are also doing genea-research to compare notes and possibly fill in some blanks. But in the mean time, I will move on to the test I should have done first- Family Finder, which promises to provide me a report of genealogy on both my mothers and fathers side of my family and give me, among other things, a list of my % of ancestry. 
Until then, my family and friends, I've got a lot of research to do. 

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy - Happy Saint Paddys Day!



  1. I have the Ancestery DNA and I also know that William Ephraim and Winifred Green are my 7th Great Grandparents. My grandmom was Almeda Sizemore. Hope to find out the tribe that my ancestery was in so I could try to get a card. I don't want any thing from the gov. just want to be a part of my past heritage.

  2. Good afternoon, Cousin,
    You are, indeed, a part of the Sizemore lineage. That said, you are also a part of one of the most debated families in American history.
    Most of the Sizemore's claimed Cherokee heritage and some of them are. During the Trail of Tears, several Cherokee escaped and were taken in and protected by the Sizemore family. Those individuals interbred with that family and took their name.
    The debate rages on all these years later as to whether certain patriarchs were actually of NA blood or if they married into it - there is evidence to support this.
    You can start by reading "My Native American Connections" March 26, 2012 on this same blog. There is mountain of research out there not the least of which are the Eastern Cherokee Applications (ECA's).
    Good luck in your research happy hunting.

  3. David my connection comes in on my maternal Grandmother she was a paternal linE GREEN and a maternal line Buchanan. Her maternal Great Grandmother was born Margaret " Peggie" Sizemore b.1839 NC daughter of George Washington Sizemore Jr. and Rebecca Guin. I would lke to compare our lines through Gedmatch with you. Do you have a kt number on there? Will be most happy to share mine.

    1. Good morning, Cousin, Please forgive the late reply. I found Margaret b.1875, North Carolina, dau. of Geo Washington Sizemore, Jr and Rhoda Shell ... Rebecca Guin (Gwinn) comes up as wife of Geo Washington Sizemore,(Sr) I believe you an see this at I have my GEDcom posted at FTDNA - kit 224294 I will continue to search as time allows. Have a great day,
      David Green

  4. Thank you so much for posting this information. My mother is a Sizemore from the Hazard KY Sizemores and my father is a Buchanan from the North Carolina branch. Both families have been in these areas for as long as family memory stretches. I have found these postings to be greatly informative and a great assistance in my passion for my genealogy. Sincerely Rachel Wachendorfer