Thursday, February 9, 2012

DNA update, a Kirkin' and Where are the Indians?

Too funny! I went through the mail on Tues. 2/7/12 and found that I had finally received  the "return receipt" that I mailed with my DNA sample (from previous posts). It had been so long, I had forgotten about it.
I mailed the sample and got an email from FTDNA on 1/10/12 saying they had received it and now, a full month later, I receive from the USPS confirmation of the same. Boy, and they wonder why they're going out of business. 
Anyway, I have received hard copy confirmation as well as the email so I will put that with the rest of the pertinent paperwork and continue to await the news that my results are in. At that point, I'll have a better grip on who I really am. 
I've done more research and found sites that include pictures of the kit and info. you receive in the mail. If you are interested, search for FTDNA or just DNA. Some very interesting stuff there. 
But this leads me to think I will go for the "Family Finder" test next to broaden that body of information. This should include our Stewart, Sizemore and Cooke family connections. (Where the Y-DNA test is only my fathers, fathers, fathers...)
The Highland Games went very well - we had a blast with all the musicians and clans and friends. I'll post a few pics from that event as well as the Kirkin' - you can see more on my Facebook page.
Since the Games, I've been obsessed with my Stewart family connections and trying to sort out the specific clan my ancestors were associated with (Appin?) ... without much success. This has taken me away from my research of the Sizemore family and our Cherokee connections. I apologize for the delay and promise to get back to that research so I can share that fascinating bit of history with you soon.

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