Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DNA Results Begin

Good morning, campers, this morning when I checked my email there was a notice from FTDNA that my initial results are in.
I have visited several sites that gave DNA results from, for instance, the Green(e) Family project. On that site I found a few names that matched names in my family tree which I assumed to be true relatives from the information I could find at the time (thank you,
In those charts I found that those ancestors were from a certain group so it is no surprise that my initial (very general) results showed that I shared the same group designation.
I am from the group designated 'R1b' - but I did get an additional bit that said the the specific part of that group is R-m269. This group -'R1b'- is one of the most common DNA groups in western Europe and is well represented in England, France, Spain, and Ireland. No big surprise there.
For those in my family interested in our very distant ancestors and the origins and migration of that DNA group you can learn more at this website - . I am including a map of that information here. 
Apparently, this is just the first 'panel' of 5, I think. The results from the other, hopefully more revealing, panels should be ready by Feb. 7 and so the waiting continues. But as always, you, my dear readers, shall be the first to know what those results will reveal about the Green family of McDowell County, West Virginia.

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  1. Hello David,

    I am descended from Joshua Green Sr, through his son Leonard, > Leonard's son Simeon, > Simeon's son William, > William's son James M. Green. I took the DNA test several years back and my Haplogroup is R1b1a2a1a1a with shorthand R-U106. I am part of the Green(e) family project under kit number 16299. You can join too if you haven't done so. Please contact me at and let's share notes. I will give you my full breakdown and if you belong to I can extend an invitation to view my Green Light family tree. Regards, Michael Green