Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FTDNA update and the Highland Games

Update: I sent off the DNA swabs last week and I wanted to make sure everything went as planned. So, I sent the envelope "Return Receipt Requested" to be sure that it got there, was received and signed for. I do not want anything to go eyry with much more than a considerable monetary investment on the line (for me - no politicians' "a million here, a million there and sooner or later you're talking real money, here.") .
Sure enough, I received an email from FTDNA to say they had received my test kit and would keep me informed of the progress of the tests and told me where to go to follow that progress and get the results. I told you these people don't mess around, they stay on top of things.
By the way, I still have not received my 'return receipt' in the mail yet.
As you know, I am fascinated with ancient cultures and history.
For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with all things Celtic, even before I knew what that was. The ancient artwork with it's intertwining lines that have no beginning or end, the music with it's unique rhythms and tempi, and it's sometimes haunting, mystic feeling.
I have had the privilege to travel to England, Ireland, Germany and a few other countries. As I stood in some of these places, I had a strange feeling that I had seen these places and I had been there before. I'm not talking about deja-vu, it was something deeper - almost primal. I just blew it off as romantic whimsy.
A few years ago, we were visiting my parents in North Georgia to make sure they were OK and would be fine for the next few weeks that we would be abroad. We were going to tour Ireland with the Bach Festival Choir of Winter Park, of which we were members for many years.
As we were leaving, my Father said "look for the name 'Green' while you are in Ireland."
"No, Dad, it's an English name."
"No, look for the name 'Green' in Ireland."
"NO, Dad,...
And after a few rounds of this he finally said -"No, really, my grandfather is Irish!"
What? Where did that come from? You couldn't have mentioned this the last 53 years?
Out of nowhere he just dropped this bomb. Irish? Could it be true? It turns out that my ancestors had stood in those same places.
When I returned to my adopted clan - the New World Celts - I told them it turns out that I am actually of Celtic descent. I served a few years as the Sgt-at-arms for my local chapter and continue to be involved in that outstanding group. 
This week we are preparing to work and attend the Central Florida Highland Games in Winter Springs (just North of Orlando, FL). And the following Sunday, we will be participating in a very special service at our Presbyterian church - the "Kirkin' of the Tartans".
Now, in a few weeks my DNA results may very well put a big dent in my Celtic Heritage dreams, but for now and until then, I am going to enjoy every minute I can and do everything I can to support and participate in this rich, noble heritage.
Where's me kilt? It's off to the games! Hail to the Celts!

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