Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stewarts - Part 7 - The Aftermath

Stewarts, Washington, and General Braddock’s Defeat
(A historical story in 7 little parts)
By David L. Green
The aftermath 

In the end, or should I say…as the story continues, George Washington gains favor in the eyes of the colonists and goes on to become a war hero in the American Revolution. Eventually, of course, he becomes the first President of the new United States.
General Braddock gives the British crown its worst defeat before the War of Independence. His grave was found some years later and the body re-interred about 100 yds. away from the original grave (Braddocks Grave). There is a park there now and a beautiful memorial where a service is held each year.
Daniel Boone goes on to become one of the most famous frontiersmen in history exploring and opening the Cumberland Gap for Western expansion.
Governor Robert Dinwiddie left the colonies in 1758, retired, and died in Bristol, England.
And the sons of James and Robert Stewart become famous as “Indian Rangers” and Revolutionary War heroes. The family eventually married into the Cooke family who married into the Green family and became my ancestors.
Robert Stewart/Stuart and Mary Ann Lafferty (O’Lafferty) are my 5th Great Grandparents.
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