Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas to ... me!

Have I mentioned that I have a wonderful, generous wife? 

When she asked me this year what I wanted for Christmas, I told her, " just one thing: A DNA test."
Imagine her shock. A DNA test? What for? Aren't DNA tests for criminals? 
Silly rabbit, DNA tests are for genealogists!

With a simple test and a month or so of anxious waiting I will have answers to questions that I could not possibly prove otherwise. Of course, my brothers and cousins will have answers to questions that they didn't even know they had. 

So, with the blessing of Mrs. Santa, I ordered the test through Family Tree DNA this morning. And shortly I will receive the kit to swab my cheek and sent that off to the lab and, with the results of that test, and a comparison with the other members of the Green(e) family project, I will learn who my ancestors really are. This test will go back at least 5 generations and probably more. I will finally know just what percentage of heritage (American Indian, European) I am.

And, my dear readers and family, ( I know you're out there) I will take you along on this journey of discovery and keep you posted on each step along the way. So, stay tuned to see the steps and the time involved and the results. Is it Feb. yet?

Happy Christmas - to us all!


  1. Thank you, Cinamon, I am very excited and can hardly wait to see the results.
    Thank you again for your wonderful blog. I really enjoy reading your stuff.
    And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.