Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The kit is here!

Welcome back, friends, family and followers, all!
The DNA kit arrived on Friday 12/23 - I couldn't believe how quickly my kit was delivered.
O.K., so I paid for the thing 12/19 and posted that same evening and - is this right - 4 Days later? Amazing! Boy, these guys don't mess around. "Git 'r done!"
So after work that evening I find in my mailbox a white envelope from Family Tree DNA in Houston, Tx. with a letter from the President of the company that starts ... "Dear Fellow Genealogist:" ... yeah, well, I'm still working on that. Try 'genealogist-wanna-be' or 'when I grow up...', anyway, 'we're a really cool company and we do some really cool stuff and we're gonna keep your DNA for 25 years, at no extra charge, so that you can add any other tests you may want to add later.'
So then, the blue sheet - DNA Collection Method - with step-by-step  instructions on how to scrub the inside of your cheek and how to handle the samples. Sounds simple enough, I can do this.
Except there is this one little paragraph that says "Scraping should be before eating or drinking, or at least an hour after eating and drinking. Avoid warm or hot fluids before scraping."
The problem is; since I received this thing, I haven't found the ideal time yet that I wasn't either eating, drinking, working or sleeping!
I don't know about you guys, but, we usually work so hard between work, church, singing (annual caroling party, holiday concerts,etc.) and preparing the house, the tree, and on and on and on in a mad rush to the big Christmas Eve event (family tradition). Then we crash and burn on Christmas day to finally re-emerge like the proverbial groundhog around Jan. 2nd. to start the race all over again.
But! I have a plan.
I've worked some long days the last two days but I'm off tomorrow - before my morning coffee and my breakfast (probably left over cookies or something from Christmas Eve - only the healthiest stuff, don't ya know), I will try to do the first of two scrapings. Then after I wake up and busy myself with day-off-morning-routine stuff for an hour or so I will do the second scrapping, put the samples in the self-addressed envelope along with the proper amount of postage.
Then, with any luck, I should be able to put the envelope in my mailbox before the postal carrier arrives to take my envelope and send it on it's return journey to the labs in Houston, Tx. and then, the waiting begins...

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