Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Greetings, readers,
Happy Samhain! Happy Halloween, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead - depending on which part of the globe or which time in history you prefer to celebrate.
I am glad to see some of you read the story from my childhood. I was prompted by several unrelated events which made me think it was time to write a story from my own history before it was lost. So many others have been lost because they were not written down and saved for the rest of us.
I am presently continuing the research on the Steuart/Stewart family who came here from Scotland and Ireland to become colonists, and frontiersmen, and heroes. Some of whom fought along side of some of the most famous names in our countries' history.
They came from landed gentry in those places and founded places here and grew families that became farmers and coalminers, preachers and teachers and maybe one musician/carpenter/blogger who now sells doors and windows at The Home Depot. Ha!
 God, we have come a long way.
I just wanted to wet your appetites for a really good story coming soon to a blog near you. Keep in touch and I'll be back soon with a really good one.

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