Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Re-examining My Family Tree

Greetings dear friends and family,

I apologize for my recent absence. Issues at the workplace coupled with ... shall we say ... some ... accounting irregularities ... at our companies office have taken my attention and pulled me away from my obligations here.
As I started back to work here, I came across a message on my Ancestry.com page. As I looked into that, I came across a document that caused me to doubt the research I had felt was rather solid.
 It seems that a Stephen Green b. ca. 1776 left England (Yorkshire) with seven - count 'em - seven brothers to immigrate to Yancy Co. N. C. according to this account. Admittedly, this was produced in 1991 from a story that was told (presumably) by a descendant of Stephen to his daughter.
They were supposed to have arrived in abt. 1792.
Now you would think that a family group that large would be a pretty big deal and there would be some record of it somewhere. I have found that in Yancy Co. there are several families of Green(e)s that were living there around that time but nothing really to tie them together.
I have come across a few references to this same story and a Greene or two on ships lists here and there but nothing this big anywhere.
The frustrating thing is that this story and my family tree agree on Stephen Green (1776) had a son, Joshua, b. ca. 1792 who was married to Elizabeth Mullins (Sparks?), b. ca. 1805 who had a daughter, Mary Polly.
The problem is that the Stephen I show as the father of Joshua was born in N.C. and the closest relative he has from England is Thomas "The Seagull" Green who was born on the voyage from England. Could I be following the wrong line?
As always, the search for the truth goes on and, I am beginning to feel - never ends - As always, I will keep you posted.

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." Dore - Finding Nemo