Monday, June 13, 2011


So many great stories of kings and princes, knights and ladies, emigrants, torys and Indian chiefs…one does not know where to begin.
The beginning – at this end is me and my immediate family or shall we start at the other end. 
The end closest to me has already been passed by my brothers’ children and their children. The end farthest from me is only as far as I have been able to uncover but it still continues back in the dusty pages of history lying in an Abby or church in England, Scotland, Ireland or possibly even France or Germany. 
The Celts that were part of the beginnings of Europe may even have come from the “lost tribes of Israel”, according to some historians. Hence, my quandary.
Obviously, we are Americans and our story is grouped into two distinct land masses separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Between the two are the immigrants that became the pioneers who were the builders of this great nation and our family played historic roles in that great undertaking. These are the people who reach out to me the most.
The kings and queens who were part of the ruling class of Europe and the knights and ladies who served them and had their places in the courts of that continent have their stories. It is no surprise that their lives were fraught with dangers and disease, not to mention the whims of the royalty, who could, at the drop of a hat, have them executed for little of no reason with little or no evidence at all.
But, it’s the people who left that life with its civilized rules and etiquette to venture into the great unknown. They came to a land that was uncivilized - as far as their European sensibilities knew. It was a land where they knew no one - had only what they could bring with them or could make from whatever the land would provide. Yes, these are the people who are the heroes.
These are the people who are the bridge between continents, between civilizations, who came from Kings to become coalminers who would give their grandchildren the chance to become productive members of a modern society in the 21st century.

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